Saturday, December 12, 2009

Revisiting Bohol

Bohol has been an easy get away for me in the hustle and bustle of the city, aside from the fact that its close to Cebu, I can go there without spending a single cent. I first stepped on it during the National Physics Olympics and Conference when I was in high school - one way of traveling without worrying for the expenses. I was with eight other batchmates plus our Physics instructor and for about three days we had total fun, not with the physics thing but with our bonding and tour. We've created lots of hilarious moments we repeatedly reminisce everytime we get together. In college, it became like my second hometown. It's like most of my friends are from there! I'll never forget the time that my ECE-mates treated us few days of tour at Bohol with food, accomodation plus transportation! We even went to this private island and had it by ourselves! We had nothing to worry but our daily activities. Seeing Chocolate Hills, boating at Loboc river, praying at Baclayon church, playing with tarsiers, basking in the fine white sands of Panglao, eating calamai were very much usual. The second time we visited back with the same group, we went dolphin watching and fed the colorful fishes at Balicasag Island Marine Sactuary. If only any of us had an underwater cam you'd probably be captivated with the vibrant corals and playful school of fishes below. Aside from my college batchmates, I also had a boardmate whose from Tubigon, Bohol and once in a while she goes home... and I hitch with her. With their cabbie, we toured nearby towns. The last time I was adopted by their house was just a few months back, and as usual I became their driver and we went to the extreme adventures Danao, Bohol has to offer. There were spelunking, trekking, ziplining, rappeling and a lot more. Since the river was dry, we headed on to Panglao for some dip. The roads in the interior part of Bohol were not asphalted and I just wonder where the taxes and profits from their talked-about tourism go. Anyway, indeed Bohol is just blessed with natural wonders! May the local tourism maintain and develop its vigor for new and exciting things for tourists.

Things you should bring:
goggles for snorkeling
shades,cap,lotion for sun protection
tough amphibious footwear and swimwear
camera to capture every scenery
money so you can help local tourism
Things I learned:
1. That travel will cost less if you have local friends. Get connected, make friends, travel cheap. It's definitely not being opportunistic, I mean if they invited you or you asked them and they're okay with it, then it's what you call "bonding".
2. Tourism is indeed an industry where all the locals are its employees. The tourist you bring hires a cab, stays in a hotel, eats local food and pays other kinds of services, all of which being ran by locals. May we always show our hospitality and not lose our culture so as keeping our natural wonders so as there's a reason for tourists to always go back.
3. Panglao island is bigger as it seems. Even with a local, we got lost with the many streets and crossings and signages. An updated map will absolutely help, as well as the rest of Bohol. Tagbilaran being the capital, has plenty of one-way and detours due to road constructions, may it be done soon for everyone's convenience.
4. The smallest primate - tarsier is really cute and cuddly. It has huge eyes, almost the size of its head! They get easily stressed with people playing and taking pictures which causes their early demise. I wonder why I haven't seen any tarsier roaming around their forest or on sides Loboc river. Are all of them held captive or they're just so tiny you'll not notice them hanging on trees? Oh yeah, they're endangered which means we have to preserve their environment, which is consequently also OURs. Be earth conscious.

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